Patterns behind your choice

Sure Way to Create Sprint Goals for The Doubtful

Imagine a typical situation. Another sprint planning is coming close to an end. You have a sprint backlog for the next two weeks. Everybody is ready to leave the room and rush to development. That’s when someone asks out of the blue, ‘What about the sprint goal?’ Smile is gone from your face. This damn […]

Unplanned work

Strategies for Handling Unplanned Work During Sprint

‘How do I deal with unplanned work?’ is a question I hear quite often from the teams I train or coach. The answer is not as simple as it may seem. First thing to understand is that unplanned work is rarely a problem per se. Usually, it’s just a symptom of the true issues that […]

Athletes Recovering

Recovery for Scrum Sprinters

Many teams get deterred from Scrum by the requirement to start a new sprint immediately after the last on has ended. It‘s not that hard to see where the fear comes from. The prospect of constant churn without any chance for break looks frightening. Here’s a slight modification to Scrum that may not only remove […]